What's the Matter,

James G. Jefferson?

Our Story

Welcome to our story! The story of Two Lucys began with a short conversation. Really, it wasn't much more than,
"What are your plans?"

"To illustrate children's books."

"I have a children's book! Would you be willing to read it?"

"Yes, but when I come back from Europe."

"Oh! Okay, see you in a few months."

And then, there was the first real meeting a few months later. And two women with bold imaginations and valiant hearts realized they were kindred spirits when it came to children's books. The writer had a dream to write books about real emotions and feelings. The artist had a dream to breathe life into the words with classical drawings. The name Two Lucys is inspired by Lucy Pevensie from Narnia, because we seek Aslan in all we do.

Our Books

Four Ways to Grow

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Coming Soon!

Christmas Presents

The Best Christmas Stocking Ever

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This story touches the heart of anyone who reads it. Relationships are so important, as well as noticing other's feelings, like James G. Jefferson and his mother in this story.

Christy O.

B.S., M.S. Education,

Homeschooling Mom of Six

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