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Amy Schuler

Author and Co-Creator of Two Lucys

Welcome to Two Lucys.  I am so glad you found us! 

I am the writing half of Two Lucys.  

Ever since I can remember, I have loved writing and reading almost as much as I love yes, chocolate, and yes, you guessed it, coffee, and in case you're wondering what else goes with those two, everything French! Mais oui, mes amis.

I have always felt that the best decorated room would contain shelves and shelves of books in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Books are a lot like people.  People are a lot like books.  Stories to tell and stories to discover in all shapes, sizes and colors.

My writing adventure began ten years ago when I realized that good stories aren't all that hard to find.  They were enfolding right before my very eyes.  In the lives of my lively family, our friends, the glory of the world around me.  

And so I dared myself to write.  To write a little here.  And a little there.  

And now it is with you that I share that daring dream: books! 

When I am not writing, I am living a wonderful life with my husband, seven kids, three chickens and cat.  We live in the heart of Gilbert, AZ where I can say that there is good chocolate, great coffee and ample time to dream of Paris. And to write a little here and a little there.