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Tracy Brandt

Illustrator and Co-Creator of Two Lucys

Hello, there! My name is Tracy Brandt, and I've been an artist my whole life. The first artwork that I made and was really proud of was when I was seven, and I did a drawing of my horse, Rosie. My parents loved it! It was framed, put on the wall, and shown to all our guests. With such a success under my belt, I went on to produce many such portraits of those around me. I practiced every chance I got, and took some chances when I really ought to have been doing other things, like studying or practicing piano. (Sorry, Mom. But the watercolors looked so lonely!)

I've grown up to have the very career I wanted most: illustrator. Telling stories through characters and scenery is my favorite thing in the whole world to do, even more than eating gelato. Every object in a picture, down to the bread crumb lying under the table, has a personality and a place in the story. I hope you come to love all the little details as much as I do.

I currently live in Chandler, Arizona, with my dachshund, who is my furry, goofy, and (mostly) sleepy muse. I enjoy nature and hiking, gardening, and reading. You may often catch me staring at a leaf for, well, a seemingly inordinate amount of time. It's immensely satisfying for me to study the original works of the Artist, Himself.

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